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Programme Details

Key Words

Contemporary Art, Curatorship, National Museum of Singapore, Natural History, Singapore History, Site-Specific Theatre, Still Making History: 120 Years of the National Museum,


In a museum, time is confused. What looks old may be a reproduction, what looks new is actually a stained glass window from 1887. 120 attempts to recast the National Museum of Singapore as a host of luminescent voices.

The performance ushers the audience through the galleries, halls and exhibits playfully: inviting the audience to see this space in a different light, through alternate frames, against a wallpaper of people. The performance may take the shape of pockets of ‘happenings’, walks and guided tours, lecture performances and theatrical interventions. Audiences, too, can count down with the performers the timeline of 120 years of National Museum artefacts.


National Museum of Singapore, Singapore, Singapore

14 – 16 October 2007

Concept & Director: Collaborators & Performers: Writers: Choreographer: Concert Direction: Light Design: Costume Design: Sound Design: Hair Design: Performers: Concert: Special Appearances: Curatorial Advisors:
Cheryl-Ann Low, Jason Toh.
National Museum of Singapore, Tay Tong.
Associate Producer:
Alvin Lim.
Production Stage Manager:
Hoo Kuan Cien.
Technical Manager:
Andy Lim.
Associate Stage Manager:
Chan Lee Lee.
Technical Management:
Ian Tan, Li Sini, Mohamed Fuad b Ahmad, Rahmat Abdul Rahim.
Sound Engineers:
Jeffrey Yue, Shah Tahir.
Stage Team:
Esther Teo, Fiona Lim, James Page, Mohd Hatta Sulaiman.
Mimi, Tara Tan, Vivian Chong.
The Make Up Room.
Koh Puay Eng, Maung Thu Yain Pye Aung, Natasha Pestana, Nicole Noell, Pang Su Li, Sharon Chong, Shireeta, Soh Yi En, Stephanie Neubranner, Tang Li Ting, Tiara.
Nahoko Kodama.

Commissioned By:>

Produced or Managed By:>

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