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Programme Details
Fear Of Writing

Key Words

72-13, Absurdist Theatre, Censorship, Metatheatre, Singapore Arts, Singapore Politics, Singapore Writing, Tan Tarn How,


Fear Of Writing portrays a playwright’s creative handicap – the writer’s block – under intense anxiety and scrutiny. Through this crisis, Tan uncovers the existentialism of self-censorship and freedoms in Singapore. An urgent provocation of the country’s boundaries – as bound to art, artist, citizen and humanity. Fear Of Writing proposes a theatrical parable for the politics of today, a future for the Singapore dream.

“This play is about the complacency of the average Singaporean, of theatre audiences and practitioners because there is no danger, no real change enacted by our works. It is about the commercialization of theatre; hijacked as entertainment rather than being an engine of change. Can we find a real political theatre, where the audience goes in X and comes out Y? This is the difficulty in writing this kind of work in this day and age, hence the long gap between my last play and this one.” – Tan Tarn How



1 – 3 & 6 – 10 September 2011

Director: Writer: Video: Set & Costume Design: Light Design: Sound Design: Principal Cast: Ensemble: Youth Actors: Producer:
Tay Tong.
Production & Stage Manager:
Brynn Baudier.
Technical Manager:
Technical Management:
Chong Wee Nee, David Li, Ian Tan, Teo Wee Boon.
Associate Director:
Lok Meng Chue.
Associate Set Designer:
Chan Silei.
Sound Engineer:
Akira Yamauchi.
Set Coordinator:
Jed Lim.
Costume Coordinator:
Theresa Chan.
Stage Team:
Bryn Herdrich, Celestine Wong, Goh Yi Jing, James Khoo, Jeremy Leow, Johanna Pan, Kng Hwee Mae, Kueo Guo An, Myra Loke, Nadia b Noordin, Ng Jing, Tan Xiang Yi, Terence Tan.
Front of House:
Adlina Zolkifi, Cherie Tan, Eugene Tan, Geraldine Lim, Jamie Ng, Jaslyn Quek, Lyra Tan, Millennia Wang, Natalie Khoo, Vincent Teoh, Vivienne Lim.
Ong Soo Mei.
Don Aravind Rajah, Teow Yue Han.
Project Manager:
Hoo Kuan Cien.
Production Intern:
Ng Siaw Hui.

Commissioned By:>

Produced or Managed By:>

Printed Matter

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