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Programme Details

Key Words

Absent Mother, Adaptation, Aging, Appropriating Shakespeare, Appropriation, Asian Shakespeare, Asian Theatre, Beijing Opera, Biwa Music, Bunkamura Theater Cocoon, China, Collaboration, Contemporary Asia, Contemporary Dance, Contemporary Japanese Theatre, Contemporary Music, Contemporary Theatre, Contextualization, Decolonisation, Differences, Emperor System, Encounter, Fashion, Female Impersonators, Fukuoka City West Civic Center, Gender Studies, Hip-Hop, Histories, Hybridity, Individual, Indonesia, Interweaving, Japan, Japan Foundation Asia Center, Javanese Gamelan Orchestra, Juxtaposition, Kadoma Citizen's Cultural Hall - Lumiere Hall, Killing The Father, King Lear, Malaysia, Mondialization, Multilingual Theatre, Multiple Actors Playing One Character, Multiplicity, Music Theatre, Negotiation, New Asia, New Millennium, Noh Theatre, Old Man, Older Generation, Patriarchy, Politics of Transcultural Performance, Pop Music, Randai, Rap, Reinvention As A Political Action, Reinvention Of Tradition, Representation Of Asia, Shadows, Shite, Shuji Terayama, Silat, Singapore, Sumatran (Minangkebau) Music, Thailand, The Flying Circus Project, Touring Production, Tradition And Change, Traditional And Contemporary Continuum, Traditional Performing Arts, Transcultural Performance, Transdisciplinary Performance, Transgressing Authority, Translation, Umewaka Noh Family, Who Am I?, Xiaosheng, Younger Generation,


Based on Shakespeare’s greatest tragedy, Lear is about a young woman who plots to steal the throne and the kingdom from her father. She plans to destroy and ultimately kill him. The old man is blind to her evil plotting and instead disowns his younger daughter, who truly loves him. The passionate conflict between the father and elder daughter thereafter ends in much bloodshed and loss of innocent lives.

This production features the director Ong Keng Sen and the playwright Rio Kishida along with staff members, actors, dancers and musicians from China, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. In terms of nationality and genre, the traditional and the modern, the backgrounds represented by this group are as varied as the total number of individuals in it. An added theme of the project was for everybody to seek ways to discover a new self while acknowledging each others’ differences. This production could simultaneously be regarded as an attempt to question the nature of Asian theatre today and probe its future.


Bunkamura Theater Cocoon, Tokyo, Japan
Kadoma Citizens' Cultural Hall - Lumiere Hall, Osaka, Japan
Fukuoka City West Civic Center, Fukuoka, Japan

9 – 15 September 1997 (Tokyo)
19 – 20 September 1997 (Osaka)
23 September 1997 (Fukuoka)

Director: Writer: Collaborators & Performers (Lead): Collaborators & Performers (Featured): Composers: Choreographers: Set Design: Light Design: Sound Design: Costume Design: Masks & Props Design: Hair & Make-up Design: Musicians: Producers:
Japan Foundation Asia Center (Yuki Hata).
Associate Producers:
Bunkamura (Hiroshi Watanabe, Maki Kato).
Production Coordinator for the Southeast Asian Contingent: Production Administrators:
Keiko Murakami, Tay Tong.
Technical Director:
Jun Mano.
Stage Manager:
Hiroo Manpo.
Deputy Stage Managers:
Ken Yoshitani, Sonoko Yamamoto.
Associate Stage Managers:
Masahide Tanaka, Masao Mori, Naomi Tabe, Shuji Fujita, Shumi Abe, Masahide Tanaka, Yoshinori Nakayama.
Technical Management:
Hiroyuki Murakami, Keiko Mitani, Tetsuya Yamazaki.
Associate Director:
Lok Meng Chue.
Hiroyuki Yoshizawa, Keiko Mitani, Tetsuya Yamazaki.
Creative Art Think Group.
Koji Irikura, Masami Ono, Office Shinon, Rinako Shirasaka.
Masaaki Kanematsu.
Hair & Make-up:
Akiko Kitada, Sonomi Muramatsu.
Set Construction:
C-COM, Osafune.
Costume Construction:
Hamai Factory.
Masks & Props Construction:
Geppetto (Akio Fukuda).
Headdress Construction:
GORO, Okumatsu Katsura, Rika Kaneko, Shio Kodama.
Subtitle System:
Asahi Kaisetsu Jigyo.
Kimiko Kurihara.
Script Translators:
Janet Goff, Uga Perceka, Zhang Zhifan.

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Produced or Managed By:>

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