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Programme Details
Got To Go… Play Till Dawn

Key Words

1985, Abject, Abortion, Acid Jazz, Adaptation, Ambient, Ambition, Apathy, Asylum, Big City, Birth, Blindness, Bus Stop, Caretaking, Centre Of The Arts, Char Siew Pau, Construction, Dance, Death, Decision-Making, Disgust, Drama, Drum and Bass, ECA, Efficiency, Electronica, Exhumation, Extracurricular Activity, Feet, Festival, Fetus, Food, Forefathers, Fusion, Generation Gap, Ghost, Gothic, Grave, Hanging, Haunting, House Music, Identity, Incarnation, Indie Music, Industrial, Interactive, Intergenerational Relation, Island Stories, Jacqueline Susann, Jungle, Kelong, Life, Life Ritual, Live Stage Action, Long Weekend, Love, Madam White Snake, Madness, Memory, Mental, Meritonia, Middle-Aged Woman, Minang, Mindlessness, Monologue, Movement, National University of Singapore, New Age, Nu House, Obsession, Pain, Parent-Child Relationship, Past, Pencak Silat, Pleasure, Prayer, Productivity, Psychology, Randai, Rave, Reason, Rebirth, Reinterpretation, Resurrection, Rite, Robotic, Sanity, School, Secret Admirer, Self, Sequel, Shakespeare, Small-Town Girls, Soulless, Spirit, Stalking, Storm, Stranded, Students, Suicide, Survival Instinct, Synthpop, Teacher, Techno, Television, The Perfect Shoe, Thinking, Thought, Tomb, Topeng, Trance, Trio, Urban Development, Video Footage, Women, Young Couple, Youth,


For the first time, an opportunity to make the most of your weekends. Who says there’s nothing to do after midnight in Singapore? GTG… PTD will be here for you throughout the entire night, and all you have to do is come play with us. Choose from our three different programme timings each night. We even let you have the option of going off to do your own thing and coming back later to join the rest of the performances.

Angel Waiting (Fort Canning Park)
What happens when you attempt to leave the past behind, but cannot forget about it? An attempt to answer this question is seen in the two stories of ‘Angel Waiting’ – through the eyes of a middle-aged woman and a young couple stranded at a bus stop.

Char Siew Pau (The Black Box)
Char siew pau – do you like it? Or does the mention of this cute bun gag you? A comedy about the humble char siew pau and the imagery it conjures.

Drift (Fort Canning Park)
‘Drift’ works on this premise – that we, as humans, produce results mechanically, with no thought or emotions. Meandering into situations that are oft times mundane and familiar, what then actually happens when the old disappears, and we’re left with basic survival instincts?

Electronic Music Lab (Fort Canning Park)
From the Centre Of The Arts at National University of Singapore, this group was formed in 1985 and the first extracurricular activity of its kind. Get ready to be entranced by their electric vibes that are as diverse as electronica, trance, rave, techno, new age, ambient, jungle, industrial, gothic, acid jazz, synthpop, house, nu house, drum and bass, and fusion (phew!).

Exhumation (Fort Canning Park)
A visual installation about our forefathers and how we build our present successes from their resting places. It reminds us of what lies beyond familiar sights of areas like public housing, recreational areas, and highways.

Feets! (The Black Box)
Helping you to think about your feet on your feet is what this zany meditation on the most humble, and usually most neglected, part of our anatomy aims to achieve. ‘Feets!’ is developed from The Perfect Shoe, which was first produced by The Necessary Stage in December 1997 in the community tour of Island Stories, conceptualised and directed by Alvin Tan. The Perfect Shoe was created and performed by Verena Tay.

Goldfish (The Black Box)
With the interactive use of live stage action, television, and video footage, the play attempts to reflect on the generation gap in a parent-child relationship.

Hungry (The Black Box)
The winning entry from this year’s 24-Hr Playwriting Competition at the Zoo brings to mind gruesome stories about haunted schools. Despite the presence of a hanging and an aborted fetus, Hungry is actually a witty, light-hearted play about life and death from the viewpoint of ghosts in a school.

Invokasion 1 (Promenade)
A quasi-traditional movement and performance art piece, reflecting Minang influences of Pencak Silat/Randai and Topeng dances. Incorporating dance and drama, the piece is the artist’s search and connection to the notion of self.

Invokasion 2 (Fort Canning Park)
A continuation of ‘Invokasion 1’, this is a quasi-traditional movement performance art piece incorporating dance, drama, and poetry.

Live From The Valley Of The Dolls (The Black Box)
A sordid world unfurls in this 1998 adaptation of the 1966 potboiler by Jacqueline Susann. Three ambitious small-town girls hit the big city, and they’ll do just about anything to get to the top. But once there, they realise the top rung ain’t such a hot seat…

Meritonia (The Black Box)
This merit prize winner in the 1996 24-Hr Playwriting Competition looks at trouble brewing in ‘Meritonia’, an erstwhile bastion of mechanical efficiency and productivity. Problems arise in the form of thought, as it suddenly matters what people think, and people are starting to think about what matters.

Near Normal (The Black Box)
This piece invites you into a realm where sanity and madness are joined by an indistinguishable line. It focuses on four women who are waiting to leave a mental asylum.

Phoenix And The Turtle (The Black Box)
A contemplation based on the classic Shakespearean poser on love, life, and reason.

Plath: Resurrecting White Snake (The Black Box)
The well-known Chinese mythological romance of Madam White Snake is transformed into a resurrection of the soul as the text is interfused with Sylvia Plath and rearranged into different sequences each night. ‘Plath: Resurrecting White Snake’ was first presented as a second-year examination piece.

Prayer (The Black Box)
I breathe… dancing… wrinkled embrace… empty cradle… burden… doubt I can float… burnt rice… return to where I’ve been… this movement piece explores the experience of life rituals. In its three parts – Rite, Incarnation and Prayer – the performers going in and out of several characters parallels the cycles of birth and rebirth the soul goes through, linking the existence of the people.

Rock With Indie (The Black Box)
‘Becky’s Raincoat’ (18 September)
Formed in late 1997 in the aftermath of the Hong Kong handover, Becky’s Raincoat plays therapeutic music – music for therapy, or to be precise, music for their therapy. They are united by a common desire to share their misery and thus divide by multiplication their woes. The band has an unhealthy preoccupation with thought-provoking, sinus-clearing music, a la Counting Crows and Dave Matthews Band.

‘Camra’ (26 September)
Formed in 1992, the current lineup of Camra was only established at the beginning of 1998. The band plays original songs described as Camra-rock, and released their first demo, Teenage Idle, in 1997. Camra’s main priority is to complete their next recording, Normally Open, by the end of this year, and have it officially released sometime in late January next year.

‘Doubting Jeremiah’ (5 & 19 September)
Doubting Jeremiah is a three-piece band whose songs bear strains of Seattle grunge fused with British noisepop, but the original material they play stems from the members’ individual influences. Reviews of their demo Minotaur EP have expressed appreciation for trying to bring a different dimension of sound into the local music scene. Currently, the band plans on recording a second EP on CD.

Snakeskin (The Black Box)
A monologue about one man’s obsession with the girl he loves. Walking a vicious circle at the zoo where memories lurk amidst the animals, he follows the girl and her lover through a trial of deep passion and even deeper pain.

Sunrise Watch (The Black Box)
A reward for all those who survive – a delicious, warm breakfast with the first rays of light on Fort Canning Hill, to be accompanied by the magical voice of Rosita Ng.

Water Ghosts (The Black Box)
Izi is blind. Beni takes care of him. One day, their kelong is about to be overwhelmed by a catastrophic storm. Should they leave the kelong? As the storm approaches, so does the greatest turmoil they’ve ever faced. Find out the decisions they each make.


Fort Canning Park & The Black Box, Singapore, Singapore

4 - 5, 11 - 12, 18 - 19 & 25 - 26 September 1998

Festival Director: Producer:
Michele Lim.
Production Management:
Jodie Koh, Tan Lay Hoon.
Technical Management:
Charles Millward.
Jeffrey Pung, Keef Siew.
Casey Lim, Henrick Lau, Ng Wai Ching, Sharon G M Tan, Su Lin Ngiam.
Front of House:
Traslin Ong.
Director (Angel Waiting): Writer (Angel Waiting): Performers (Angel Waiting): Stage Management (Angel Waiting):
Director (Char Siew Pau): Writer (Char Siew Pau): Performer (Char Siew Pau): Stage Management (Char Siew Pau):
Roy Lee
Director (Drift): Writer (Drift): Performers (Drift): Stage Management (Drift):
Crew (Drift):
Performers (Electronic Music Lab): Concept & Director (Exhumation): Performers (Exhumation): Musician (Exhumation): Stage Management (Exhumation):
Vivien Tan.
Crew (Exhumation):
Adi Soon, Charlotte Lim, Edwin Koh.
Director & Writer (Feets!): Performer (Feets!): Stage Management (Feets!):
Malcolm Thum, Tiffany Ho.
Director (Goldfish): Writer (Goldfish): Performers (Goldfish): Director (Hungry): Writer (Hungry): Performers (Hungry): Stage Management (Hungry):
Choreographer (Invokasion 1):
Performer (Invokasion 1):
Stage Management (Invokasion 1):
Florence Leow.
Crew (Invokasion 1):
Keef Siew.
Choreographer (Invokasion 2):
Performer (Invokasion 2):
Musician (Invokasion 2): Stage Management (Invokasion 2):
Florence Lew.
Crew (Invokasion 2):
Keef Siew.
Concept (Live From The Valley Of The Dolls):
Performers (Live From The Valley Of The Dolls): Lighting & Sound (Live From The Valley Of The Dolls):
Adrienne, Nic.
Director (Meritonia): Writer (Meritonia): Performers (Meritonia): Stage Management (Meritonia):
Director & Writer (Near Normal): Set & Light Design (Near Normal): Performers (Near Normal): Director (Phoenix And The Turtle): Writer (Phoenix And The Turtle): Performers (Phoenix And The Turtle): Director (Plath: Resurrecting White Snake): Concept (Plath: Resurrecting White Snake):
Performers (Plath: Resurrecting White Snake): Choreographer (Prayer): Writer (Prayer): Composer (Prayer): Performers (Prayer): Performers (Rock With Indie): Stage Management (Rock With Indie):
Gabriel Cher, Michelle Judith Bong.
Sound Engineer (Rock With Indie):
Jonathan Gwee, Richard Chee.
Director (Snakeskin): Writer (Snakeskin): Performers (Snakeskin): Stage Management (Snakeskin):
Linda Low.
Performer (Sunrise Watch): Sound Engineer (Sunrise Watch):
Mohd Sharil.
Crew (Sunrise Watch):
Thinesh Ganapathi.
Director (Water Ghosts): Writer (Water Ghosts): Performers (Water Ghosts): Stage Management (Water Ghosts):
Leong Su Lin, Lim Monica Devi.

Commissioned By:>

Produced, Managed or Presented By:>

Printed Matter

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Got To Go… Play Till Dawn

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